Tayco currently employs approx. 165 employees at our modern Cypress facility (55,000 sq.ft.).

Tayco Executives

Our Executive Staff provides strong leadership and enthusiastically assumes the challenges ahead in the new millennium.

Administrative Staff

Tayco's experienced team of employees takes great pride in supporting over 675 customers globally.

Research & Development Design Team

Our Engineering Development Staff specializes in formulating innovative solutions to complex problems.

Documentation Control

All drawings/specifications/documents are maintained on file in a controlled area and cataloged in our database for easy access.

CAD System / Engineering

Engineering utilizes network CAD system to generate precise drawings and artwork.

Photo Imaging

Negative images are transferred onto metal foils after photo-resist is applied. Continuous image sizes up to 36" x 20 feet can be attained on our automated exposure system.

Circuit Etching System

Precise chemical etching is performed on a variety of metals. Chemistry is routinely monitored to ensure etch consistency.

Circuit Lamination

A variety of insulating materials are laminated into circuits on high temperature vacuum lamination tables. Tayco currently operates twenty-one individual tables, ranging in lengths from 1 to 40 feet.

Clean Room

Enclosed laminar airflow clean room environmentally controls airborne particles, temperature humidity, air flow patterns, air motion and lighting. This controlled environment is utilized for critical applications where contamination issues are of primary concern.

Cable Harnessing and Assembly Area

Two cable laminating machines produce multi-conductor, multi-layered, varieties of cable for flexible and semi-rigid flex circuitry. Full cable assembly, connector termination, and harness testing is performed on site.

CNC Machine Shop

Precision machining is facilitated by our highly trained staff of machinists and fully equipped machine shop. We can produce prototype to high volume quantities. Commonly machined materials include: s/s alloys, nickel alloys, titanium, aluminum, "exotics", ceramics, and composites.

Quality Assurance Lab

Tayco is constantly adding to a comprehensive list of testing capabilities which include micro-measurement inspection, electrical testing, leak detection, thermal cycling, and tight tolerance calibration.

Modular Production Work Stations

Modern modular work stations help to maintain clean and organized production areas. Many of the stations are equipped to provide ESD protection.

Inventory Control

Attention to detail is required to accurately account for materials. All material lots are identified and corresponding certification is retained on file permanently.

Network Administration

Our advanced network system provides high speed internet access, documentation control, CAD/CAM resources and multiple integrated user programs.

Product Display and Awards

Achievements past and present are on display. Employees are extremely proud of their contributions on numerous critical programs over the years.