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• Etched foil
• Element wire
• Vulcanized Silicone
• Epoxy board
• 350-450 deg. F
• Low outgassing
• Unlimited shapes
• Wide range of watt densities
• Thickness from .004"
• Withstand harsh environments
(chemicals & temp.)
• Polymide (Kapton®)
• Silicone
• Pre-preg
• Epoxy laminate
• Neoprene
• Carbide filled polimide
• Mica
• Aerospace
• Medical
• Defense
• Nuclear
• Semi Conductor

• Space Shuttle O-Ring Heaters (40 Feet in length)

• Satellite Hydrazine Lines, Tanks, and Valves

• Flexible De-icing Systems, Wing Heaters, Blade Heaters

• Heaters/Medical

• Light Weight

• High Dielectric Strength

• Non-Out Gassing

• Unlimited Shapes, Sizes, and Wattages

• Flame Retardant Materials

• Excellent Heat Transfer with Uniform Heating

Flexible Heater (Etched Foil) & Temperature Sensor

  • High, low, and variable watt density heating elements.
  • Temperature sensors can be provided within the same laminate.
  • Polyimide film with FEP adhesive provide high performance under a variety of conditions.

Numerous applications for combination flexible heater/sensor - military & commercial aircraft, satellites, and space.

Epoxy Laminate Heater

  • Rigid epoxy circuit board.
  • Varying watt density.
  • Etched foil heating elements.

This rigid epoxy glass heater is mounted to an aircraft circuit board assembly.

Line Heater (Etched Foil & Fine Coiled Wire)

  • Pre-formed line heater with etched foil heating element.
  • Heaters can be manufactured to accommodate irregular shapes and sizes.
  • Thermostat controls are available.

Element wire and etched foil line heaters are commonly used on satellite hydrazine lines. There are multiple applications for heating fluid lines.

Silicone Heater

  • Etched foil or fine wire heating elements.
  • Vulcanize into various molded shapes for form fit.
  • Variable heat distribution and wattages.

Pilot valve heaters are utilized on a variety of commercial aircraft.

Composite Heater

  • Etched heating element on scrim cloth backing is laminated into composite shapes.
  • Durable composite heaters perform under demanding conditions.
  • Limitless shapes and sizes.

Gasket and flange composite heaters are rugged and light weight. A diverse range of designs are used for commercial and military aircraft.

Flexible Heated Hose

  • Flexible heater is installed onto a hose and secured with Kevlar over-braid.
  • Heater is in contact with hose for maximum heat transfer without loss of flexibility.
  • Hoses are available with integral temperature sensors or thermostats for temp. control.
  • Manned space flight qualified.

Our flexible heater assembly and temperature sensor is part of the Thermal Control System (TCS) for the International Space Station Program. The assembly prevents fluid freeze-ups in the (ISS) Lab.

Wire Wound Patch Heaters

  • Employed where extremely high D.C. resistance values are required in small areas.
  • Fine wire elements and polyimide film facilitate construction of ultra miniature heaters.
  • Cost effective heating.

This miniature element wire patch heater is used to heat a satellite electronic package.